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Through the years, I have learned how to heal my body with yoga, nutrition, supplements and meditation.

Taking all of the customs and traditions of Ancient Egypt, I have created the magic of the 1001 Nights.

I will take you to a special place, where you will learn the traditional yoga, in the same area, where the story of “Scheherazadewas created. Step in to my world of beauty and wellness and come back to your world refreshed and new.

Bring your children, your girlfriends and learn to be treated like a queen, so that you can learn to live in peace and harmony with yourself, home and others around you.











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Telefon: 0049 (0) 3874 6637858

E-mail:  info@zurueckzurlebensfreude.com



WELCOME TO YOUR Own “1001 Nights”.

 Healing the Body, Soul and Spirit

Come to the magical and magnificent Kingdom of Ancient Egypt